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      We are committed to serving each as a superbrand no matter how large or how small. We are here to help you do business. Acquisition, strategic planning, site selection, lease negotiation, of course. Upsize, downsize, relocate and\or renegotiate. We do it all.


      We’re Fossil’s exclusive Canadian real estate broker.

      Sherwin Williams

      Expanding in Quebec. Please call us for information.


      Expanding in Canada

      Oscar Wylee eyes Canadian debut and serious growth

      August 20, 2021

      Australia-based eyewear company Oscar Wylee has its sights set on Canada, with two inaugural locations under construction and aggressive expansion ahead. Read more...

      Foodtastic continues major growth with Milestones acquisition

      June 17, 2021

      Foodtastic continues to build its portfolio of fantastic brands with the acquisition of the high-profile Milestones restaurant brand. Quebec-based Foodtastic is a culinary success story and a leader in the restaurant franchising business. Read more...

      Dream team: Foodtastic acquires plant-based powerhouse, Copper Branch

      May 17, 2021

      Plant-based eating is proving popular with the palette, prompting Foodtastic to get in on the action with acquisition of Copper Branch.  Read more...

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